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Technology Insights for Future of Food Safety on Farms

Tuesday, August 6, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mary Kendall Dixon
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Many of you may have read or heard about an announcement from the FDA in April of this year, encompassing a statement from Acting FDA Commissioner Ned Sharpless and Deputy Commissioner Frank Yiannas. The statement was not only a commentary on the state of technology in food safety, but also on what further work needs to be done to leverage technology to meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act. To save you some time, we’ve boiled down the statement to three key points:

  • The future of food safety systems is data drive:
    • Food production is increasingly complex and fast-paced. The only way to maintain controls is to leverage system-managed databases.
  • The future of food safety systems is data driven:
    • Food production is increasingly complex and fast-paced. The only way to maintain controls is to leverage system-managed databases.
  • The current system of paper and data silos is slow to react and error prone, wastes resources and has hampered visibility across the supply chain.
    • Current, readily-available technology allows us to immediately find answers to complex questions, immediately access deep data analysis and optimize our actions.
  • Digitizing information in the food system not only addresses public health problems, it is critical to solving today's business challenges.
    • Compliance is only one-piece of the puzzle. Among many things, digitization allows us to automate routing protocols based on quality measures, immediately intervene in production line issues and present proof-of-work on food safety practices to our customers.

The statement’s call to action was clear: paper-based methods of gathering, processing and disseminating food safety related data must be replaced with digital technologies. Yet, it is important to remember that the network of food producing companies works together as a network.

As Deputy Commissioner Yiannas stated at a conference in June of this year, “For some of these things to work, you have to create shared value. It can’t just benefit the farmer, the distributor, the processor or the retailer. The food system is a system and it’s interconnected, and if you digitize it, you are all going to win and lose together.”

iFoodDS helps you meet this common challenge by providing a cloud-based platform for augmenting your operations teams with the latest, proven technologies for food safety and quality data management. As a platform, features and services can be added incrementally, helping you transition your operation to meet the increasing volume and velocity of data in a controlled manner. Crucially, you can work with your partners, vendors and suppliers to increase the speed of business across the platform.

To learn more about iFoodDS and our approach to transitioning operations from manual to digital, please reach out to:
Phil Pickard
Account Executive
iFood Decision Sciences, Inc.
(803) 331 9993


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