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Using Technology to Improve the Safety of Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

Thursday, September 12, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mary Kendall Dixon
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September is National Fruit and Vegetable month as well as Food Safety Education month.  As both subjects converge, it represents an opportunity to stop and think about how we all can work together to continuously improve the safety of healthy fruits and vegetables from farm to fork as well as how evolving technology can help. 

As the FDA Commissioner recently stated: “Food safety is a never ending race.”  We agree and believe advancements in technology will help us elevate our game.  Let’s look at how technology can help continually improve quality, productivity and food safety on farms and in cooling and processing facilities:

  • It is easier than ever to move away from paper to data.  With the evolution of smart phones and tablets, your data can always be with you and accessible. Meeting with a customer out of town who asks for information on your last audit? Technology allows you to quickly access that data on your smart phone while sitting in their office.
  • Data also allows you to more effectively identify and track trends as well as immediately find and correct food safety or production flaws. 
  • New software systems have evolved so they are easier than ever to use so even the most tech-phobic person can be trained to use these systems efficiently. 
  • Data makes the audit process simpler.  You can literally answer every question posed by an auditor with a few key strokes.  No more digging through binders searching for the needed documentation or spending weeks preparing for an audit since the information is captured in the software system and is available at your fingertips. 
  • As recent food safety events have clearly shown, the ability to effectively trace forward and traceback your products can be the difference in proving your products are uninvolved.  Through blockchain technology, many companies have achieved item level traceability (not just one step forward and back).

The benefit of technology adoption is really two-fold:  Your workday gets much easier and your food safety systems continuously improve.  Two goals that we can all agree benefits produce companies and consumers alike. What better way to celebrate National Fruit and Vegetable and Food Safety Education month then to look at how to incorporate new technologies into your farming operation or facility?

iFood Decision Sciences develops management software solutions for farmers, harvesters, coolers, packers, processors and shippers. The company works with businesses across the produce industry to refine software that meets their data needs. In the last six years, the company has grown to become a leading food safety software platform in North America and has expanded internationally.

To learn more about iFoodDS and our approach to transitioning operations from manual to digital, please reach out to:

Phil Pickard

Account Executive

iFood Decision Sciences, Inc.

(803) 331 9993



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