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Crisis Management
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Crisis Management Plan For The Georgia Produce Industry

Crisis Management Advising

Crisis Communications Webinar Series



GFVGA is designated as the initial contact organization for a crisis in Georgia’s produce industry because it has been found that GFVGA is one of the only Association’s with full time staff that do not change annually. In the event of a crisis, the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association will contact all other entities and commodity associations that need to be involved.


Crisis Management Advising

A GFVGA membership benefit is crisis management advising. If a GFVGA member is currently experiences a crisis, this includes food borne illness, recall, labor, regulatory, weather, etc. contact GFVGA staff for help navigating this issue. 

It's never too early to start this conversation.

GFVGA Office Phone: 1-706-845-8200

Charles Hall, GFVGA Executive Director

Beth Oleson, Director of Food Safety

If you are not a GFVGA member, you may join through the online membership form. Feel free to contact GFVGA staff or utilize the following resources

  • Webinars
  • GFVGA Crisis Management Program
  • Member of PMA or United Fresh
  • Your insurance company
  • Legal Assistance
  • Crisis Management and Communication


Crisis Communications Webinar Series- Now On-Demand!

The Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association is collaborating with the United Fresh Produce Association’s Recall Ready Team to provide a five-webinar series on Crisis Communications for the produce industry. These 15-20 minute webinars will be available at no cost to the specialty crop industry. Registration and additional information to come soon. 

Several years ago, United Fresh Produce Association developed the Recall Ready Program which is an exclusive group of education and training services that leverages the expertise of the food industry’s leading professionals. This program is a partnership between United Fresh, OFW Law, and Watson Green, LLC. Working together, the UFPA Recall Ready Team leverages the expertise of food safety, legal, and crisis communications professionals who know what it takes to execute a recall to protect public health, comply with all government requirements, and minimize the impact on your business. 

While the Recall Ready Program focuses specifically on preparing for a food borne outbreaks and recalls, the principles in preparing for any crisis are universal. Webinar topics are listed below:

  • Managing a Crisis
    • Presented by Amy Philpott, Watson Green, LLC
    • Crisis Management 101: The principals and elements of managing any crisis
    •  Watch Now!
  • The Anatomy of a Food Recall
    • Presented by Amy Philpott, Watson Green, LLC
    • How do recalls unfold and how can a plan help you prepare?
    • Watch Now!
  • When FDA Comes a 'Knocking
    • Presented by David L Durkin, OFW Law
    • Regulatory requirements and how to meet FDA expectations during a recall
    • Watch Now!
  • Traceability & Other Technical Aspects of a Recall
    • Presented by Dr. Jennifer McEntire, United Fresh Produce Association
    • Will your food safety and traceability systems hold up to the demands of a recall?
    • Watch Now!
  • Crisis Communications
    • Presented by Amy Philpott, Watson Green, LLC
    • A recalling company's reputation is at stake and communication can make a difference.
    • Watch Now!

GFVGA is excited to offer this series of webinars that allow farms and operations to be better prepared for a crisis. These webinars are made available at no cost to the specialty crop industry through the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant. 



For your use, the following training and tools were created to help your organization prepare for and successfully get through a crisis.

Crisis Management Guide 

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