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Grower Resources

Educational Resources

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Are you a grower needing help improving your operation? Are you a parent looking for information about where your food comes from? Are you a teacher looking for materials to help educate your students about the importance of fruits and vegetables? 

Grower or consumer, we are dedicated to provide you with the information and materials needed to make smart decisions about your operation and about the food you buy.


Grower Resources

Educational Resources

  • Here at GFVGA, we believe in providing educators, parents, and everyone in between the information they need to make smart decisions with their food. We also want to be your resources on how your food is grown, and how to define all those terms that label fruits and vegetables. Use the links below to learn about Georgia Grown Produce. Got questions? Just ask.   

  • Commodity Educational Videos
  • Find more at  

Georgia Blueberries from GFVGA on Vimeo.

Georgia Peaches from GFVGA on Vimeo.

Georgia Sweet Corn from GFVGA on Vimeo.

Georgia Strawberries from GFVGA on Vimeo.

What's in Season?

Do you know what fruit and vegetables are in season when? We want to make sure you know what Georgia produce is in season all year round. Check out the list below and see what winter fruits and vegetables are in season right now.

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