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GFVGA supports ‘free’ trade if it is ‘fair’ trade.  Fruit and vegetable production is a $1.4 billion dollar industry at the farm gate in Georgia with over 200,000 acres in production. Therefore, it is critical that the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) provides an effective, near-term relief against unfairly traded Mexican fruits and vegetables threatening the survival of Georgia farm production in our nation.

Since 2000, most of the growth in Mexican agricultural imports into the U.S. is from fresh fruits and vegetables. To a great extent, Mexican fruit and vegetable producers have been able to achieve extraordinary growth in recent years because of unfair Mexican subsidies, sale prices that are significantly below costs of production, low cost of labor (U.S. - $10/hr; Mexico - $10/day) and little to no regulatory requirements as compared to the U.S. EPA, FDA, OSHA, USDOL and others.

Congress passed the Trade Priority and Accountability Act (TPAA) in 2015 which provided for, "eliminating practices that adversely affect trade in perishable or cyclical products, while improving import relief mechanisms to recognize the unique characteristics of perishable and seasonable goods."

GFVGA will seek and administrative solution to Mexico's unfair trade practices, or petition Congress to uphold the TPAA and defeat the USMCA.


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